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EXT forex

EXT forex is an online trading platform which is owned and operated by the Exante group based in Malta. Its in-house web-based platform ensures fast performance and high-quality applications. The platform is also available for mobile devices and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Its trading platform is fully functional and offers a comprehensive range of products including CFDs on indices and commodities, and over 10,000 stocks.

EXT forex

The platform also offers a variety of technical indicators that can be used to trade. A one-minute chart is available before 4 pm and shows the price movements minute by minute throughout the trading day. This chart is fully customizable and allows you to change your time zone at any time. The application supports different time zones and takes holidays into account. There are no monthly fees associated with EXT forex, so you can start trading on your free trial.

Another great feature of EXT forex is its low margins. You can trade with more than your account balance, and the margin is used as a guarantee. In general, forex brokers require very little collateral. You can trade with leverage ratios of as much as 1:500. XM, for example, offers a leverage of 1:888. The downside to this type of leverage is that the market is extremely volatile and you may lose more money than you initially invest.

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